Frequently asked questions about Hi Vis clothing

Q. What is the EN471 Standard

A. EN471 is the harmonised European standard for high visibility clothing. It specifies the requirements for signalling the users presence in day or night. It intends the users in in hazardous situations conspicuous under any light conditions.

The surface of the fluorescent and retro-reflecting materials used in hi vis garments falls into 3 levels.

Level 1 is the mimimum level of  hi vis protection required for any persons working on a private road or to be used in conjunction with a higher class of garment.

Level 2 hi vis garments are required to be worn by any persons working on or near A or B class roads and also for delivery drivers.

Level 3 is the highest level of hi vis protection and are required to be worn by person working on or near motorways, dual carriageways or airports.

Q What is the EN510 Standard

A. Personal protective clothing that minimise the risk of it being entangled or drawn in by moving parts when the wearer is working on or near hazardous moving machines or devices.

Q. What is the EN533 Standard

A. Personal Protection Clothing, hi vis or not, that gives protection against heat
and flames.

Q. What is the EN1149 Standard

A. Persaonl Protection Clothing, hi vis or not, that gives protection against static electricity or charge decay.

Q. What is the EN470 and EN531 Standard

A. Personal Protectioin Clothing that gives suitable protection for welding and foundry environments.

Q. What is the EN343 Standard

A. This is the European standard relating to garments suitability, Hi VIs or not, to protect against rain.

Frequently asked questions about Safety Boots and  Footwear

Q. What is the EN 345 Standard

A. The European Standard for safety boots and footwear tested to 200 joules.

Q. What categories of safety boots and footwear are there

A. SB    - Toe protection tested to 200 joules impact
     SBP - As for SB plus penetration reisistance
     S1    - Safety boots and footwear with a leather upper
     S2    - As S1 plus water resistant upper
     S3    - As S2 plus penetration resistant sole to 1100 neutrons

There are so many variations of safety boots and footwear that it is important to know what you want. Remember water resistant is not as good as waterproof, please check the inividual shows for additional safety factors.