Great Value Safety Brown Trainer Boot

Product Code: FS152-10
Brand: Amblers FS152
Condition: New
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Brown lace VALUE ankle boot providing steel toe cap and midsole protection. The padded collar incorporates a pull-on loop for ease of wear. Constructed with dual density polyurethane sole and energy absorbing heel, making this a comfortable but hard wearing trainer. A scuff cap on the toe protects the boot further. Excellent value for money.

Code FS152

Sizes available 7-12     Safety Category SB-P

ISO20345 tested

Conforms to ISO20345 Safety Footwear Standard.


Toe protection tested to 200 joules impact.

Steel midsole protection. Penetration Resistance to 1100 Newtons

Dual Density PU Sole 

Sole resistant to 200°c, oil, acids and solvents.

Inner foam layer & harder outer layer ensures comfort and durability.

Padded Collar

Gives extra support to the ankle and added comfort.

Pull on loop and speed lacing 

Allows the wearer to put on or remove the footwear with speed and ease

Scuff Cap

Protects the toe cap from abrasion, cutting and general damage

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